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Winward Racing Seeking Part-Time Team Member

May 6, 2024

CDL Class A Licensed Truck Driver

Job Type: Part Time

Winward Racing is looking to hire a CDL Class A licensed truck driver. The transport driver will be required to travel to all events during the season which will require time away from home for 6-10 days at a time for the 11-14 events during the season. Prior to the race events the truck driver will help organize, stock, and clean the trailer and equipment. The driver will work with team members making sure the load and unloading process is efficient and smooth, and that all equipment makes it to the event safely. Once at the event, the truck driver along with team members will be responsible for unloading the transporter, setting up the truck awning, and pit-lane equipment.

When at the track, the truck driver is expected to take on a role within the team such as a fueler, tire runner, etc. This team is dynamic, efficient, and fast paced so the truck driver is expected to follow suit. By inquiring about this position the candidate is expected to want to commit to a part time position, and potentially a full time position in the future.

  • Responsibilities :

    • Responsible for the loading and unloading of the transporter.

    • Inventory management of the transporter.

    • Cleanliness and general presentation of the transporter.

    • Ensure that all equipment is loaded properly.

    • Presents self in an appropriate/professional manner at venues.

    • Meets schedules, timelines, and deadlines appropriately and safely.

    • Follows all applicable DOT, DMV, State and Federal highway safety rules and regulations.

    • Responsible to complete Pre / Post trip inspections of all equipment

    • Responsible for their assigned duties at the track and in the shop.

    • Responsible for ensuring their assigned truck is in safe operating condition.

    • Responsible for properly completing all logs and records, in a timely manner.

  • Qualifications:

    • CDL Class A Commercial Driver License.

    • Clean, organized and presentable work ethic.

    • Professional presentation required.

    • Clean driving record.

    • Satisfactory background check / Clearing House

    • Current Medical Examiners safety certificate.

    • Able to lift 75lbs independently.

    • Able to maneuver inside tight confinements on the transporter.

    • Sustain 10 or more hours consecutive time on your feet.

  • Experience:

    • CDL Class A Driver: 5 years (Required)

  • Education:

    • High school or equivalent (Required)

  • License or certification:

    • CDL Class A (Required)

Qualified individuals can submit their resumes to

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